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4 Key Secrets to Awesome Plant-Powered Protein

Strengthen the Immune System & Recover Muscles All-In-One. Feel a 40% reduction in upper respiratory

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David Katz:  Hello fellow health and fitness nuts, I’m going to show you how you can achieve your health and performance goals by 1.) eating protein correctly and 2.) boosting your recovery. If you’re struggling with the knowledge on how to eat the right amount and type of protein, then you’re in the right place. My name is David Katz and with The Fitness Freak, Mark Wolff - who is a certified exercise and sports nutrition expert - we want to help you wade through the tons of protein misinformation and confusion in an overloaded market.

Now, there are four key secrets we want to share with you. 1.) how to separate the good from the bad. 2.) how important the timing of protein intake is for muscle recovery. 3.) the power of clean, plant-based protein (RSA, International) and 4.) how you can boost your immune system in the recovery process. Mark, secret one, how do you separate the good from the bad?

How to tell the good from the bad

Mark Wolff: When it comes to looking at a product, I think it’s very important to understand that yes, you get products that have similar functionality, but one product might be a lot more expensive than another product. But we have to look at the content of the particular products, the ingredients.

One product might have one particular ingredient that they’re promoting, but the quality of that ingredient is not great, they use fillers etc. There’s a lot of companies out there and for them it’s about volume sales and the cheaper the product in order to bring down the cost, so that people just buy it because it’s more affordable.

DK: What do you personally look at when buying or developing a product?

MW: What do I look at when it comes to looking at a product? Number one, I want to make sure that the product is as completely natural as possible. I do not want synthetics in there, I do not want unnatural flavours, I do not want unnatural colours, I do not want anything in there that is synthetic, that I think is going to be hazardous to my health and I think that that is quite important to stress.

I’m not one of those that will compromise on the quality of a product ever. And what I tell people is that I would never put anything into any products that we manufacture that I wouldn’t consume myself. I’m quite freakish that way.

I am ultimately responsible for whatever goes into the mouth of our consumers, so I need to be able to consume it. I want to be happy that if I’m consuming it and it’s healthy for me, then it’s healthy for them. Because ultimately, we are responsible for what they’re consuming and what we’re putting out there.

How much Protein do you require?

DK: When looking at protein as a supplement, look at as close to food grade as possible, it might be a bit more expensive, but it will, without a doubt, be more effective. And think about this, if you add up the amount and the quantity or quality of protein you get from your eggs, meat, fish, dairy, plants, whatever your food source, it’s a.) hard to measure and b.) hard to control the sourcing and the quality. Speaking of which Mark, talk us through secret two, the science behind protein?

MW: Okay, when it comes to protein consumption, the human body is only capable of absorbing and processing a certain amount of protein every couple of hours and generally we call it 7-10g per hour. There are exceptions, obviously and it depends on how much muscle tissue damage you’ve done. But ultimately, it’s better to spread your protein intake through the day.

Generally, most commonly, we look at anything between 15-30g protein servings per single sitting. And that can be consumed every two to three hours and that would be much better to try and make sure that your body processes and absorbs that amount of protein a day.

DK: With that said, what is one of the biggest recovery mistakes that people make?

MW: Remember, if you want to recover, your body needs to be in, what we call an anabolic state, which is a positive nitrogen balance, which means that you cannot eat protein in a deficiency. You need to eat the right amount of protein. And the best way to get protein intake in, is to actually spread it through the day, from the morning all the way through to the evening. And that’s key.

Plant-based more suited to human tissue

DK: Okay Mark, secret three, this still seems crazy to me, but there’s a huge misconception around plant-based protein not being as effective for muscle protein synthesis, fact or fiction?

MW: The one thing I love about plant-based proteins is they are very clean, the way they’re manufactured and processed is a very clean process. They’re very healthy, they’re very good. I can tell you this now that they’re actually much closer matching, amino acid profiles, to human protein amino acid requirements as opposed to say an animal-based protein.

Our 32Gi® plant-based protein (RSA, International) uses a combination of rice and pea protein isolate, and we blend those two together. Why do we blend the two together? It’s quite simple. We wanted to make sure that there was a full and rich amino acid profile. Sure, pea protein on its own, is great, but it is lacking in one of the essential amino acids whereas the rice protein complements that. So, the two put together will actually complement each other.

The 32Gi® plant-based protein has around a 22g protein serving, absolutely fine, it’s a perfect protein serving, and you can blend it into a smoothie, if you really want to add some more carbohydrates with it or even into a porridge. The nice thing is it can still be consumed on its own and it will allow for a nice protein portion.

DK: Plant-protein not being as effective, is simply not true, but don’t just take our word for it. With the amount of crap out there in everything we eat, Mark’s notion of keeping it natural and clean is something people are loving. How much easier would life be if you could be rest assured that your protein only contained natural colours and flavours, was preservative free and was dairy, gluten, soy and GMO free as well.

No Sugar and No Nonsense

Denine Herman:  Three years ago, I embarked on a journey where I wanted to be completely dairy free in my diet, after numerous sinus operations. So basically, I was searching for a product that could help me recover faster, after a hard day at work and then on top of that, do a hard training session at track. And then go to bed and do a hard bike session the next day.

So, I opted for the 32Gi® vegan-protein product which is 100% plant-based, and what attracted me to this product is the fact that there is no sugar and no nonsense in the product.

DK: Now, I know what you are thinking, I heard ‘sugar free,’ don’t you need sugar to trigger MPS? Mark?

MW: So, to trigger muscle protein synthesis a lot of people say that you have to consume it with carbohydrates, it’s not necessarily true. Sure, a carb and a protein together can up regulate amino acid uptake, however, generally I would actually say rather periodise your carbohydrates and focus on carbohydrate intake post-exercise to help with recovery. Especially if you depleted your glycogen stores and you need to replenish them, then obviously you can consume protein.

Protein is really there for Muscle Protein Synthesis

Without any of the other macro nutrients, protein is required for muscle protein synthesis. You need to try and reach the leucine trigger, which is around 2.5g to 3g of leucine, which is one of the branch chain amino acids. Generally, if you take a serving that is substantial enough, I mean that should be enough to trigger muscle protein synthesis.

DH: The compartment of the product that stood out for me is the fact that there’s leucine within the product, that is designed especially for women to help us with our recovery process.            

DK: So, there are two words that are intertwined here, ‘protein’ and ‘recovery’ and the 32Gi® protein is proving to be a recovery and performance booster for athletes.

Designed with your Recovery in mind

Parys Edwards: Howzit all, I’m sure this is a view that we’re very similar with during lockdown and chasing our avatars on Zwift. Straight off the bike, I’m going to have some protein recovery powder. It’s one of the few that I can just drink with water and enjoy the taste of, and I do like to stick it into a smooth.

Charne Bosman: I’ve been using this product for the last three/four weeks and I can feel the difference in my running also now. I can see my recovery is so much quicker.

Wandi Nongodlwana: It’s great as a recovery, but also above that, it’s also for the daily protein intake.

Nick Woudberg: Just finished the afternoon run, so that means it’s time for 32Gi® protein recovery drink.

DN: And this product has really helped me to recover faster. It’s enabled me to actually go hard again on the next day.

DK: Thanks Denine. A lot of people often complain about the taste of plant-protein, but 32Gi®’s protein tastes incredible and it’s sugar free, using just a little bit of Stevia for some added natural sweetness.

Jenna Challenor: It is absolutely incredible. I am so excited with it. My absolute favourite flavour is the chocolate.

NW: The chocolate flavour one, of course, been taking it for a couple of months now and it’s really improving my recovery from runs.

Plant-Protein that tastes great

DK: Personally, I am torn between the chocolate and the vanilla, but 32Gi® Protein also comes in mocha for coffee lovers. One thing I love is that the products is not just for post-exercise recovery.

JC: In the evenings I can actually just add water and eat it like a dessert, it tastes so good.

PE: One of my snacks or often lunches, I have a protein smoothie because it’s just quick and easy to have at work. I’m a real protein monster and I found it really works for me, particularly to have enough protein for breakfast and when I’m training.

DK:  There’s one massive benefit of 32Gi® Protein I haven’t mentioned, and I haven’t forgot. There’s just so much that is awesome about this product that we are only getting to secret number four now. It contains wellmune®, a clinically proven beta glucan that helps to one, improve general immune health, two, maintain overall physical health, athletes, three, protect against the harmful effects of stress, something we all struggle with. And four, promote healthy energy levels and mental clarity. All these things are brilliant. Do you want to see more? Then go to wellmune.com, or just watch this.

Immune Strengthening Protein

Video: Meet wellmune®, a science backed natural ingredient that can help keep our immune cells ready for action. What exactly is this superhero ingredient? Wellmune® is a fibre called a yeast beta glucan that is clinically proven to help strengthen the immune system. Wellmune® works by priming billions of immune cells helping them quickly find and kill foreign invaders that may harm our health. And while you might be familiar with other beta glucans or immune boosting ingredients, wellmune® is one of a kind.

JC: Absolutely imperative as an athlete, we’re always trying to keep healthy and trying to keep our immune systems strong, especially now during COVID-19. What an added benefit to have in a pure protein.

PE: And immune boosting qualities as well, which I think as athletes is so important. We run our bodies down, but I just love these, and I use them every day. They keep me going. If you’re training hard, pushing your body day in and day out, it makes a massive, massive difference.

DK: 32Gi®’s incredible and effective protein is available in Southern Africa in Dis-Chem stores while also on 32gi.com. For international inquiries, email info@32gi.com (or check it out here International). Don’t miss out!

CB: I’ve been helping a lot of athletes and they’ve been asking and it’s nice to tell people, go to Dis-Chem and go and buy a quality product. If I’ve tested it and I know it’s working, it’s nice for my athletes to go into Dis-Chem and to go and buy the product at Dis-Chem. I’m very, very happy.

PE: So, I’m so enjoying the new developments, the new products that are out there. Really very easy to check them out and all available in Dis-Chem, yeah, particularly for me the protein powders that are dairy free because I can’t have dairy. So, if you’re like me, go check them out.

NW: Always pleased with 32Gi® service and pleased with the taste as well. So, let’s enjoy this and keep on improving and keep on feeling good.

DH: I absolutely love the taste of it. I’ve seen benefits in my own life. It’s worked for me; maybe it could do the same for you too. 

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